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You can contact the office by post, telephone or in person:

Our Administration office is Coleridge Community College and all footfall / enrolments and correspondance should be sent to the Adult Learn and Train office on this site.

Alternatively email learn&

Coleridge Campus: 01223 712340

Radegund Road Cambridge CB1 3RJ

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Parkside Campus: 01223 712340

Parkside Cambridge CB1 1EH

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Community provision addresses: all bookings / queries to go through Coleridge Campus, administration office

Arbury Road Baptist Church

20 Arbury Road, Cambridge CB4 2JE

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Castle End Mission Hall

St.Peter’s Street, Cambridge CB3 0BD

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St. Augustine’s Church

Richmond Road, Cambridge CB4 3PS

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Abbey Meadows Community Wing

Galfrid Road, CB5 8ND

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